Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What have I turned into when I'm actually cool with giving myself homework?  Blogging?  Seriously?  I failed a semester of English in high school because of an incomplete journal project--I guess that doesn't inspire much confidence in my ability to maintain a blog.  It's silly the things we'll do to fit in and be like our favorite freinds...heck, I'd probably jump in a freezing river, half-naked, and bounce my shins off rocks through a little section of rapids if my friends did....again. 
I just got a post about a friend blogging away, read hers, liked it, and thought....seems like a nice way of de-politicising my facebook page, so I'm going along with the crowd and joining the "blogosphere", thanks for the inspiration Megan--this is much more comfortable than that icy river.
Now that I'm here, the search begins for that opening topic, that "pick up line" to get you to let me into your house for the night, the teaser to string you along with the hopes you'll either laugh, learn something, or get fired up enough to write/fight back.  That's tough, but I'll work on it.

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