Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy This.....

So, to beat a dead horse, I thought I'd throw out a little social commentary on the "occupy where ever" movement...if you can call it a movement (frankly I think it's a politically charged extension of camping season and a good excuse to have "craft time" with fellow hipsters making signs and urban wigwams and wikiups).  Hey, their getting traction though, got to hand it to them....and if you can't beat em, join em...of course if that were true, the cops all over the country would be trading badges for tie died uni's and we'd have no control over anything anymore...so beat away I guess.  Just kidding you baby.
I'm not opposed to anyone's right to protest, in fact, it's just another snapshot of what makes this country so great, and it is great despite the problems that exist that apparently charged up these groups of seemingly disgruntled citizens--at least I think they're all citizens.  I don't think they're checking voter ID's to protest yet.
The thing that has me a tad irked about the whole "lets ruin our city parks and social spaces and hollar 'they made me do it!' thing", is that I have no idea what they are all protesting...what is the agenda and the goal with it all?  I wonder what changes besides increased polarity, beafed up arrest records, rapes, fights, general mayhem, etc.?  This is movement? 
It reminds me of baseball...when I played in high school we had a coach that almost took pride in running out to argue a play with an umpire.  Granted, there are times I think you can get something out of that ridiculous display of belly bumping and hat flipping--namely if the ump is notoriously bias, blind, or you need to fire up your boys.  However, it has to be accepted before hand that you, ultimately, are not going to win this fight.  I can count on my hand the number of times an umpire has changed his call....actually I could count that on a hand with no fingers at all, because it's never happened...not once.   When I was coaching, I never argued with an umpire (you can flash looks and yell some things), not on the field of play--for a couple reasons.  1.  It looks ridiculous.  2.  He's not changing the call.  3.  It just puts them on the defensive and will probably work against you moving forward in the game.  4.  Bad example for the team--who looks like they are out of control in that situation?  Who needs to be "in charge"?  I think you forfiet some of that when you whine.
I didn't allow kids to argue either, they look even worse.  Until you can take charge of your own situation, you're never going to present much of a case to whoever it is you want to argue with. 
I don't mean to throw the baseball analogy out there to beat down the protesters and say that they are fighting a losing battle and it's a waste of time and that they look ridiculous and that they are embarrassing themselves with their tactics and lack of a gameplan, but......
Maybe the news is to blame since I'm just not seeing anything about the movements "mission statement" or goals, and certainly nothing about legit accomplishments--all we hear about it the fueding and destruction of morals and public property--maybe we need better coverage?  I don't know, but it's a mess they need to clean up if they hope to garner anything positive from it.   As far as I can see so far, it's just a chubby pitching coach looking for a fight until the Legion hall opens for happy hour. 

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