Monday, December 27, 2010

House guests and fish.....

The old saying goes something like, "What do guests and fish have in common?  They both stink after three days!" 
Well, we just wrapped up a week up north with the guests, and I'm sure they're relieved to have their homes back.  I don't think we particularly stunk, although Karsten did have a few near record diapers that I still don't understand.  How could something so cute produce something so noxious?  You shouldn't  leave a changing station feeling like you cut onions for an hour then used pepper spray for eye drops. 
Nevertheless, we are home again in Denver having been thoroughly spoiled with gifts, and enjoying that we are close enough to visit family on a fairly regular basis.   What remains to be seen is if they keep letting us crash or if we start to receive text messages containing local hotel information...I expect they'll put up with us as long as we bring Karsten :) 
A Merry Christmas season to all, a Happy New Year too!!


  1. Your description of the diaper changing was hilarious!

  2. Indeed. Once again, I'm a sucker for poop humor!

  3. and you changed the worst ones in my room! haha we were glad to have you and miss you guys already.

  4. Kyle, Karsten wanted to hide one in your sock drawer, but I talked him out of owe me.