Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Bumper stickers!"

I think that sounds like a good substitute curse word, "BUMPER STICKERS!!"
Wow, one sentence in and already a tangent.....I saw a bumper sticker a few days ago that stuck in my head..."Annoy a liberal--work, succeed, be happy."
I thought, now there's a blog topic that would fire everyone up on some I think I want to avoid that, I'm not good at confrontation.  I'm not even sure if the three things mentioned on the sticker are mutually inclusive of each other.  I think I know more people that are unhappy because they're working all the time to "succeed".  Oh well, it was funny. 
Then I tried to think, what would the antithesis of that sticker be?  "Annoy a conservative....".
I'll let you come up your own endings, everything I thought of annoyed me.  
The larger question to me was,  "What is success really?", that wasn't it...the larger question to me was...."What kind of person feels the need to put stickers on the back of their car that explicity express their political leanings? "   Then I thought, probably just about everyone, since nothings really personal anymore anyway.   From rainbows to "W" to the Bob Marley Obama posters....we're all little driving billboards.  I'm guilty of it too, but mine are school stickers for the University of Wyoming or the little oval with AK in it.  I think maybe the UW stickers might elicit more pity than anything if they pay any attention to college football. 
I think it's funny the way we've all evolved.  We're a lot more comfortable throwing personal information around these days...facebook, blogs, myspace, linkedin, webcams in our houses.  In fact, I think you might be perceived as a little prudish if you're not at least facebooking, like you're holing up in a tech free cave or something.  
I remember when we weren't supposed to talk to strangers, now we're online constantly with millions we'll never see in person, but they can see what we did for summer vacation and how good we look (or don't look) in our swimsuits.
The only things missing on our facebook profiles are "annual family income" and "blood type"....I'm pretty sure they know I'm a donor somehow. 
And that reminds me....what is "success" really?  Probably making enough money to afford a car?  If so, put all the stickers you want on've earned it.

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