Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm taking it to the next level....

So, I finally jumped in with both feet.  I'm fully committed to making this thing work and I'm ready to show the world.   Let me back up just a minute to clarify....
I've written previously about the things people do to their cars, the stickers they paste everywhere to show who they voted for or what kind of a mood they tend to be in, or, and I like these, the ones that tell you "if you're close enough to read this....".
I'm okay with all of it, it's your car, your life, and if you don't care that much about resale or that it was a rental and you paid the insurance deposit anyway, so why not...but I've discovered something I had never imagined I would do as well.
Stick people.
Daddy stick man, Mommy stick woman, and little kiddo stick people--one in a stick stroller...which, I guess couldn't really be illustrated in much more detail than sticks anyway, so I guess it's legit as is.
Stick people stickers are as ubiquitous as hybrids anymore, like bumper weeds....they spread like wildfire. 
I had an idea that it would be really fun to come up with my own line of stick people stickers....the white trash version....Chubby stick dad in a stick recliner w/ empty beer cans, raggity looking stick mom, prego, frazzled hair, stick baby on her hip....
I think they'd sell...maybe not in the right parts of the country, but then again, they wouldn't stick to the rust there anyway.
But, let me circle back to the point.....commitment.  These stickers, I think, are better than wedding there a more clear cut message about your status than driving around with a little advertisment about your family structure?  So, I did it.  My Yukon now proudly displays little stick respresentations of the Poppenhagen clan....I am fully committed.  No one will be pulling up next to me saying, "hey, wonder what the story is with that dashing gent in the driver seat?"  They'll know....he's mortgaged, tired, overworked, and lives for 18 holes on the weekend because it's "daddy time". 
I think I might have to kick off another line of stickers for young singles.....but my trial runs at putting six pack abs or high heel shoes and huge hoop earrings on stick people just look funny.   I have a lot of other ideas, but I'm not going to tell just yet....I'm doing market research, trying to take care of that mortgage you know.

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